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The Secret Garden of boredom

The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett

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Language: English


I read "A Little Princess" last year and loved it! I hoped I could repeat that experience with another Alcott book, but unfortunately was disappointed.


The book was very repetetive and thus boring. The garden was described again and again and again, Dickon was praised again and again and again (seriously, how can a boy be so perfect? Is there anything he can't do or doesn't know?)

The change in the characters was a very easy way out... All Mary needed was a little bit of fresh air and suddenly she's the most agreeable child ever? 


But the most annoying thing was that Yorkshire dialect! I dislike reading in dialect, especially when it's so heavy like in this one. At some point I just skipped conversation in Yorkshire. Everything was repeated so often that I got what's going on anyway...


Two star rating because it was cute at some points, but was a pain to get through.