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Peter und der Werwolf

Peter und der Werwolf - Eine Halloweengeschichte - Hannah Siebern


Source: was free on Kindle

Language: German


Nice novella about a Halloween night, a young boy / werwolf puppy and an Anita Blake-type heroine with a demonic love interest.


I liked the first half of the book, with Peters story arch in focus and especially the witch's ritual interlude. But after that it got predictable and boring. If the author would have just left out the love story and those sudden "Omg, suddenly I realize I loved you all those years!" revelations...


Siebern is kind of a new author (she has a supernatural romance series called "Nubila", but the blurbs on Amazon sound horrible), and her style is somewhat simple and unpolished. She also kept using the same sentences to build tension, but it just got very repetetive.


Lots of nice ideas and world-building, but lacked in execution.