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Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 19

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 19 - Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Christopher Fowler

Source: Kindle ebook I originally bought for my vacation in august (but didn't start until october xD)

Language: English


This was one of the weaker volumes in the Best New Horror series (I've read 4 other volumes so far). Most stories were not particularly scary or creepy, about a quarter were not even Horror, but more like Fantasy or Dark Fantasy.


It had some really nice stories though. My Highlights:

~ Peep by Ramsey Campbell (creepy!)

~ From Around Here by Tim Pratt (nice fantasy, I would like to read more about the main character - an island god who lots his island and travels around)

~ Thumbprint by Joe Hill (gruesome)

~ The Ape's Wife by Caitlin R. Kiernan


And Honorable Mentions:

~ The Other Village by Simon Strantzas

~ Lancashire by Nicholas Royle

~ The Children of Monte Rosa by Reggie Oliver

because the three of them felt like the Geisterschocker Horror comics I used to read in elementary school.


The ending of most stories were disappointing though. Often anti-climatic, unsatisfying or just an easy way out.


I was disappointed that the Neil Gaiman story (The Witch's Headstone) was just a chapter from his The Graveyard Book. I don't want to read excerpts from books, I want to read original short stories (even some of the stories in this collection were published before anyway...)


Sometimes it's good to know when to stop. I DNFed the last story (Cold Snap by Kim Newman), but still I'm still shelfing it read, because I read all the other stories.

It was a short story based on Newman's Diogenes Club series and as I haven't read any of his other stories I had no idea who all the characters were or what their background is. No fun...