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Winter's Heat

Winter's Heat - Denise Domning

Normally I like Historical Romance, but I think I should stick to Regency Romance and forget about medieval...


The heroine didn't know when to shut her mouth, which is not a good idea if you have a choleric husband. The first 50% of the book consisted of them yelling at each other. And of them having sex, because the heroine thought she could make her husband appreciate her more. That just drove me crazy. You try to make your heroine strong and with a mind of her own, but then she's all like "Oh if I sleep with him, he will start to like me and won't kick me out, even though I keep on bickering and oppose every single word he's saying in front of his servants."

And suddenly they love each other! When did that happen? They never even talked to each other, except for the fighting. You don't just fall in love with someone because he's nice to his servants and is good in bed! There was no relationship-development AT ALL!


The second half finally had some kind of plot, but it was hard to get through all the sudden love-talk and "caressing the gentle curve of her face/cheek/body".

Because I couldn't understand why they suddenly had feelings for each other, it got really annoying that every second page was filled with how much they care for each other or him staring at the heroine and getting horny.


While reading I got so annoyed that I just cross-read the last chapters to know what would happen. And of course it there was some lame excuse of a cliff-hanger for a second book...