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Flucht aus Terrania (Perry Rhodan NEO 7)

Perry Rhodan Neo 7: Flucht aus Terrania (German Edition) - Arndt Ellmer

The first few parts of the Perry Rhodan NEO series were veeery slow and now finally some action happens. Still I think they could push the story a little bit more. Things are still happening at a slow pace, pages are wasted with descriptions of helicopter search parties and long walks over Venus...


I'm glad the "ressurected" Thora and that she's part of the plot again. Though stubborn and short-tempered I think she is one of the most interesting characters in the series.

I also liked Rhodans and Bulls short trip to Australia (Bull built the new aircraft out of the wrecked parts of the STARDUST? Really? It was bombed be the Chinese army, crashed into the desert and nearly completly burnt. Yet still the magic Arkonoid-motor is still intact?). It would have been nice if the religious maniac Hillbilly part would have been longer. I was not satisfied with how fast Rhodan got safed once more.


Generally things were happening way too smooth for Rhodan and consorts. They get saved just in time, survive insane Atomic Bomb explosions, bad guys turn into good guys whenever convinient. That was annoying and takes away most of the suspense.

Especially how Bai Jun turned into the biggest Terrania-supporter ever while being Rhodans biggest opponent in the last book....


And what was that super short chapter about Merchant all about? Did they really have to put it in there?

It did nothing for the story line and it would have been better to save that for the next part. To me it seemed that the writers just wanted to show that they didn't forget about that story arch.


All in all I liked this part. It didn't feel like the filling material that _Schule der Mutanten_ (part 5) was mostly and _Die dunklen Zwillinge_ was half of the book.

Give me more Thora! And finally get Rhodan into space!